About Aaron Jordan

Aaron Jordan is a multi-talented Artist based (but not limited to) Vancouver BC Canada. He has been in the process of developing himself a rather large collection of Feature Films, Television Programs and Corporate Accounts into his portfolio over the last two decades and would like to further the collection.

Aaron spends the majority of his time employed as “Head Sculptor” running crews of as few as 4 Artists, but up to as many as 40 Artisans of various talents during pre-production stages in the creation of sets for the Construction, Props and Special Effects Departments.

He is a full member in good standing of both IATSE 891 and ACFC Local unions, But has also participated in many independent feature films as well.

Aaron enjoys working abroad and has now created himself an international name as Head Sculptor. His talents have been transported as far as Bulgaria in order to translate the skills neccessary for the complex Set Construction of Caves and Castles for “Conan, the Barbarian”.

Aaron is popular with his crew members and enjoys managing projects of any scale. If there are any questions regarding specifics of any of the following listed projects, please feel free to call Aaron on his mobile at any time 1-(604) 916-1740.

A Jordan Creation Ltd. is a cumulative collection of wonderful sculptors and carvers with a cohesive penchant for fine film industry craftsmanship.

Aaron Jordan heads the crew into wonderful worlds of fantastic creation.

The A Jordan Creation crew is limitless in their production potential.

If it can be imagined, they can build it.

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